Sunday, January 30, 2011


she is a piece of art. simply magnificent.

 source: Maison Michel SS11via

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Monday, January 24, 2011

I must find this coat. 

source: olsens anonymous

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My sister forced me to go outside for this shoot. She claimed that as the photographer, she had absolute authority and final say on location spot. Needless to say, she made her case.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

playing with colors

Baby sister wasn't home today to take my photos for me, so these less than lovely shots were taken by both my mother and me. 

The belt was a bit askew in this first photo and my face looks a teensy bit odd and uncomfortable, but I thought I'd share it anyway so you all could see the look in its entirety. All items, sans boots, were purchased at the Gap during the MLK weekend sale. I didn't buy the belt with the dress in mind, or vice versa, but I think they create a pretty interesting color palette. What do you think? 

Did I mention that EVERYTHING I bought was OUTRAGEOUSLY on sale?!!?! Oh, how I love a good bargain. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

What makes a trend a trend? Does it have to be fleeting, only lasting for a small portion of the year? Or can a trend be timeless- like the LBD, or, in my opinion, the sequin ensemble? I was thinking about this over dinner for my little sissy's birthday as I went to tweet about how I was wearing two trends- the sequin top and evening shorts. As I was about to send my tweet into the twittosphere (lol) it hit me that maybe sequins aren't really a trend. They're a compliment to almost any garment and an essential piece to the wardrobe of a fashion girl. Just something I've been thinking about.

As said, I tried out evening shorts for the first time tonight. They're Silence and Noise from UO and wear right above my belly button (I'm partial to high-waisted clothing.) I think my top was a bit too long though- next time I'll pair them with more of a cropped top.

I feel very much like Arielle Noa of Something Navy here. She always poses in her kitchen...I was inspired.

I have gotten so much wear out of these Stuart Weitzman boots. They were my grandmothers from several years ago, and recently I adopted them. I wear them with literally everything. So versatile.

MY SISTER!!!!!!! Lookin' so artsy. These amazing booties were supposed to be for me (sale at Urban Outiftters = major) but were too big :(  She's lucky to have a sister like me who gave them to her rather than return them for a different purchase, eh?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

if i were bold enough, i'd dye my hair a deep crimson color. i'd let it grow long down my back, falling just above my waist. for now though, i'll just lust after these photos...


Monday, January 10, 2011

Exercise Tip #1

Look cute for the gym. It’s a known fact: when you’re dressed cute, you feel better about yourself. This rule is just as relevant to the gym as it is to school or to work. If you dress matronly at the gym, you’re less likely to be motivated to work hard. Instead of drowning under sweats and big t’s, try black athletic pants and workout tops. My favorite: anything lulu lemon. The pants are oh so slimming and come in a variety of colors/designs (the tops also make you look insta-thin.) Happy exercising! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"i think i'm going to stop writing titles" title

Preface to this next post: In this little blog I have so dutifully become attached to, I try not to put down others. Of course, it being a blog of self-expression, it is almost inevitable that one person or another will be offended by my words. The words that I’m about to write are my feelings and my feelings alone, and by no means am I targeting any one person. I’m preceding with this because I’m familiar with the human tendency to read a piece of opinionated writing by a friend/acquaintance and feel that that person is directly criticizing you, regardless of how many times you’ve actually spoken to that person or how realistic your feelings actually are. So basically, what I’m about to preach is not targeted at one person, rather a mass of people who are guilty of this trend. On with it, you say? Alrighty then- ON WITH IT.

I find fake bags to be problematic. Zero times out of ten will wearing a faux Chanel cross-body bag make you look cool or fancy or rich or whatever label you’re trying to emulate. You will just look silly. My logic is this: I too, want a Chanel bag. I dream about Chanel bags. I have learned to resist the temptations of Canal Street though and have learned to separate dream from reality. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford the quilted beauty, but certainly not right now as a seventeen-year-old working as a hostess three times a week.

I also don’t get the fake phenomenon considering there are so many less expensive and cute alternatives to the thousand dollar purses we all gawk over. For example, Urban Outfitters makes the best bags (more than half of mine are from there) and most are under $100. If you’re looking for a designer label, try Marc by Marc Jacobs or Rebecca Minkoff- both designers make expensive looks for under $250.

I guess what I’m saying is that I consider these astronomically pricey pieces such as the Chanel quilted body bag to be a piece of art, and I feel that wearing a fake version is doing a disservice to that piece of art itself. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

whole lotta leg

(image cred: jak&jil)

damn. wish my legs looked like these. here's to new years resolutions...

Monday, January 3, 2011

dashing through the snooow

After dragging my feet through an absurd amount of sludge this past weekend in NYC, I've come to the realization that I NEED a pair of winter boots. These are the ones I'm currently lusting after:

We see the boys donning these boots daily, and I doubt any of us would think that Timbs made a Women's version! BY GOLLY, THEY DO! They have a boyish edge based on the pictures- but I have to say, I saw tons of fashionable women in the city walking with these babies on foot and they looked feminine and fabulous. I especially liked them when paired with a big adirondack coat with fur accents.
The Ugg "Adirondack" Boot: I'm digging the fur trim and caramel leather. I'm typically partial (and naaaht in a good way. minus the slippers. i LOVE the slippers) to the Ugg label in general, but I've heard great things about these.

The only problem is that I'd rather spend my hard-earned cash on other items, such as sequin shorts or a velvet blazer- both of which are CLEARLY more necessary than a stinkin' pair of winter boots...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

mirror faces

Hi all! It's my brother's birthday today and we're about to have tons and tons of people over, all of whom are +10 yrs which is interesting because it's he's a 10 yr old boy and this is supposed to be his party, but my mother is crazy and thus invited our closest family friends over rather than jacks closest 10 year old friends. Mother has GOT to get her priorities straight. It all worked out just fine though, because there happen to be lots of 18 year old boys amongst these family friends and jack loves hanging out with the "big kids." So, needless to say, he's excited.

It's pretty casual. I'm wearing black skinnies, a black sweater, and my new leopard circle scarf. Rawr.

Funny extra. If you've ever gotten ready with me for anything you'll recognize these faces face. And if you haven't, I subconsciously make a similar obnoxious face EVERY SINGLE TIME I look in the mirror. Don't ask me why. I do not know. I'm fully aware that my face looks constipated and awkward. Enjoy. And don't judge. We ALL have strange mirror faces/poses. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

canker business

WARNING: if you are easily bothered by descriptions of oral pain problems such as canker sores, don't continue reading.

I'm sitting on the Bolt Bus (QUITE the steal if I do say so myself. it was $30 roundtrip from Boston to NYC. get on it) and for the past hour or so have been trying to nap but can't due to the agonizing pain beneath my right nostril on the tissue of my inner cheek (???) I also just spent five minutes arguing with Jeffrey trying to figure out how to label that part of my mouth, the part where canker sores form. He said it was my gums, but I say inner cheek. Inner cheek inner cheek inner cheek. And the door to the bathroom just swung open on someone mid-squat- thats embarrassing. Now back to canker business-- this shit is REALLY painful. As I was here wallowing in agony, I remembered a story of a best friend of mine- lets call her She Who Must Not Be Named- who had a problem with canker sores a few summers back. Problem being, she had thirteen of them. THIRTEEN!!! To this day, she still does not share water bottles. Ah, She Who Must Not Be Named, you're silly. 'CUSE '15!!!!!!!!!

that's all. peeeace.