Monday, February 28, 2011

waah, i haven't posted here in 6 days! i'm sorry to all my loyal followers. BUUUT, as the great Tavi once said, I'll blog when I feel like it- I won't let it become a chore. 

Here's an outfit I wore last week. 

I'd write more, but I have an appointment in the town over in 15 minutes! Gotta run! Ciao

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh, and here's what's up with the new blog thing. I'm not entirely ready and am not sure that I want to make the switch to tumblr completely, so for now I'm managing BOTH blogs at the same time. This one, A Nomad's Sanctuary, will be dedicated to my looks and other stories/ramblings/bits and bobbles. The other, which you can find here, will be a collection of inspirational photos I find on the web, similar to other tumblrs/fashion blogs you may know. Feel free to check it out and share with your friends. 

What I Wore: A Day at Nashua District Court

Over the summer, I got pulled over in Nashua, NH by a state trooper because I was in violation of the "move over" law. What is this law, you ask? I didn't know either. So listen up. The law states that if there is a stopped emergency vehicle in the breakdown lane, YOU MUST NOT BE DRIVING IN THE RIGHT LANE. I repeat: if you see a cop car with it's lights on and you happen to be driving in the right lane, MOVE TO THE MIDDLE. Anyway, I had to go to court today to fight the whopping $300 ticket they threatened me with, and guess what...I WON! 

While having to drive 58 minutes to Nashua and back was a bit of a damper on my day, I was excited to try out my new cropped trousers gifted to me from Urban. As you can see, I paired them with a white T and loose sweatshirt blazer. The pants are made of such light material, I can see myself wearing these all through Spring! Ta ta for now

Blazer UO
Trousers UO
Loafers Cole Haan
Bag Vintage Furla

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i wore all black on valentines day.

yes i did.

wearing my new LF dress hoodie thing, and TB over-the-knee boots that were majorly on sale.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

you are loved.

in light of the tragic recent event at my school, i'd like to share this song that a dear friend shared with me. to everyone: never forget you are loved. never give up hope. recovery IS possible.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


loving the exposed midriff- it's the perfect dose of sex appeal. definitely a look i'll be emulating this spring/summer.

source: fashiongonerogue; Elle US March 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

at the MoMA

jackson pollock and monet- my two greatest sources of inspiration. it’s crazy the work that’s created once one establishes themselves as an artist in it’s orthodox form. i wonder what pollock’s work looked like before he found his passion for abstract expressionism

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hi all, a few things need to be discussed: First, the new name. I changed the title of my blog. I like this one better. Second, I've been considering switching to tumblr, an alternative blog site. To be honest, I like the tumblr layout a bit more than this blogger one. HOWEVER, I know that switching sites could be a nuisance to some of you readers, as you'd have to get used to a different URL or what not. I've created the tumblr edition of this blog here and would love to get some feedback. Thanks so much :)

SIDENOTE: Content of the blog will not change. Just site layout and URL. No worries ;)

crème de la crème

the hat, that coat- looks like butter. oh so chic. 

source: fashion gone rogue