Wednesday, March 23, 2011

loving the pleats in this peter pan collared blouse. oh, and the color- i dig dig dig. 

blouse: pinkyotto
shorts: UO
shoes: gap

Sunday, March 20, 2011

crushing on you

Today, while spending the afternoon in Boston with my grandma, I was thinking about the power of a good ol’ crush. Think of that feeling, when you first “like” someone, when absolutely everything that s/he does glues the biggest giddy grin smack onto the bottom half of your face. Such crushes can make you feel high for days, making even the lowest of grades seem irrelevant. However, while those heart-consuming crushes are fun, they can be fleeting. In life (and in relationships, for that matter) we too often are confronted with disappointment- things don’t work out, people change, they’re not who you thought they were, yada, yada, yada. Though all of my crushes-gone-wrong situations have ultimately taught me great life lessons that mothers constantly seem to be preaching about to their youngins, I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t do without some of them. I also seem to make the same mistakes that I made in the crushes-gone-wrong situations over and over again. I’ve realized why. CRUSHING IS AN ADDICTION. It really is. And today, while browsing through the racks at Barneys, I thought of a way to replicate that crushing feeling with something that you can’t hurt and that can’t hurt you back.

I’ve realized that when I see a dress or pair of heels that I really love, my stomach flops the same way it does when I have a crush on a boy for the first time. My cheeks get warm, I can’t stop smiling, and I often act impulsively. However, you never regret a decision made while shopping because there is such thing as RETURNS. If you buy something one day and decide the next that the purchase wasn’t right for you, you can return it, essentially erasing it from your shopping history. Such is not the same for relationships. If only you could return an ex-boyfriend. Now, THAT would be innovative. Also, a great fashion find will ALWAYS make you feel good about yourself. Trying on a slimming dress that hugs you in all the right places is truly just as good as receiving a compliment from a person you’re crushing on (sometimes, it can even be better!)

Crushing on fashion items is the new crushing on people. Try it. I dare you. I had some serious eye-flirting going on earlier with an orange Celine tote- god it was riveting. So, next time you’re craving some good one-on-one crushing action, head over to your closest department store- it should do the trick. Happy flirting!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The luscious blonde waves that cascade down her back, those perfectly toned arms that swear they're the product of a well balanced diet and ample exercising, not to mention a closet full of any fashion girl's dream garments--it goes without saying that I have been envious of Blake "Serena" Lively. 

In middle school I was a devout reader of Cecily Von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl, so naturally, when the series became a hit TV show, I was hooked. Serena van der Woodsen, in a total "girl crush" way, was immediately the object of my desire. I wanted to dress, eat, drink, and be just like her. OK, that's an exaggeration, but you get the gist. And like all little girls, when we find a star whose character we just love, some of us may or may not convince ourselves that said actor/actress is truly a down to earth and wonderful person off set. Such was true for my girl crush on Blake. 

A couple weeks back, I read an article in the NY Times (Golden Girl, by Irina Aleksander) about a debut party Chanel hosted welcoming Blake as the face of their new line of Mademoiselle handbags. When being asked about other campaign opportunities she's been offered, Lively said,  “I had other opportunities and I would say, ‘Thank you so much, but I am holding out for Chanel, that’s who I want to be the face of. And people would say, ‘Well, that’s unrealistic, they only hire Europeans,’ and I said: ‘Well, how great. I’ll be the first then.’ ”

Is there not something totally and completely arrogant about her words? This really just itched me the wrong way. Anyone else have the same reaction? Thoughts?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring 2011

With Spring right around the corner, here are a handful of new trends I’m uber- excited about. Put on your brave face, girls, ‘cause only the fiercest will make it through these trends in one piece.

Note: above statement was not meant to be violent by any means. I just mean that, ya know, you got to be a little more daring to weather through your obnoxiously vibrant pieces paired with sky high heels than when we were keeping it safe with our minimalism last season. Come on, ladies. Let’s try something new together

Color Blocking
This season, color blocking is making the classic black and white ensemble seem jaded while introducing an entirely different look full of COLORS! That's not all, folks- in fact, we're talking about colors that DON'T match!  My favorites are the surprising combination of coral and turquoise, along with a romantic red and purple. Envision: baby blue tank tucked into coral high waisted shorts; no, switch the blue for lavender. Oh, the possibilities are just endless (sigh). I'm loving this trend because it allows me to stay in touch with the minimal side of my style. I can still wear my fav simple silhouettes, just I'll wear em in vibrant, OPI color worthy hues instead of my usual monochromatic tones. I can take my seemingly low-key styles and just add loads of unexpected color - making them all the more bold and, well, UN-low-key! I’m done with the matchy-matchy, it’s time to try something more daring.

Exposed Midriff
There is a fine line between sexy chic and inappropriate with this trend, and we've got to be careful not to cross it. I've been playing with some pieces in my closet and have come up with a few ideas. One, always pair your mini top with something high-waisted. It doesn't matter how skinny you are, if I can see your belly button, you're more likely on the inappropriate end of the sexy spectrum. I guess that's just one tip. Hm, when I come up with more, I'll be sure to let you know. 

Chunky Heels
Being 5’2, I’ve been longing for the day when I could wear heels/wedges pretty much everywhere and at last it may have finally come. I’ve seen fellow blogger friend Hannah Orenstein and non-blogger but nonetheless super cute friend Nicole Saylor wearing their casual heeled booties to school, and while I’ve never been bold enough to try this out, I’m thinking with their set precedent, it might just be the right  time to rock my heels too (I guess I’ve just been lacking that bloggy boldness some of my peers clearly have nailed down to the bone. Shame. Also, the phrase definitely is NOT "nailed down to the bone." I'm really bad with phrases. Anyone know which one I was trying to get at?)

Calvin Klein Collection cut a great line of LWDs (little white dresses) which is the fraternal, yet just as sexy and cool, twin to the LBD (little black dress). While I’ll be gaping and drooling at Calvin’s version from afar, I’ll be sure to emulate the loose, boxy cut that I was instantly attracted to on the runway. I love this look paired with lace-up, ballerina inspired wedges (or flats!) and a big straw sun hat. If you want to be too chic to handle, this is the look for you..