Monday, April 25, 2011

le look: mom's bday dinner at Legals

the only picture i could manage to take of momma and steve was this one. i'm sure she'd be pleased to know this was posted on the internet for everyone to see (not)

my first lobster. yes, i'm 18.

 getting pissed at Jack, per usual.

and.....he punches me. so glad Bella caught this on camera.

top Zara pants U0 wedges Gap jacket Gap

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the power of moxie

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate! This morning, I'm feeling especially thankful for family, the warm weather, and my blog. To elaborate on the last, I've been thinking a lot recently about the moxie I have that enables me to be confident in this blog. I recognize that there's something that seems to be incredibly egotistical about taking photos of myself in pretty clothes and putting them online for the world to see, probably because we all know that if I didn't feel confident about and proud of the way I looked in these photos I wouldn't post them. It's simple: we all know I like the way I look. While some may argue that this blogging endeavor of mine, if you will, is an unhealthy way to feed my ego, I argue that in many ways it has saved it. While I have always been someone who has been told that they were beautiful, I am not someone who has always felt it. Oftentimes, I felt that those who commented on my looks were mocking me, or were not being truthful. The best way I can think to explain it is like this: you know when you get an 88 on a test, and you're really disappointed because to you an 88 is just not good enough, and someone says to you, "hey, an 88 is still really good, congratulations," and you want to make them stop because you feel embarrassed because you just don't see what they're saying? Thats how I would feel, but about my looks. It's a strange concept, especially now after I've worked on appreciating my beauty and allowing myself to soak in other people's kind words while learning to truly believe them. I have come so far from my days of sulking in low self-esteem, and I owe a huge thanks to this blog for that. It has never failed to make me feel beautiful and appreciated- two things that I think we all deserve to feel. I'm proud of myself that for, despite my many imperfections and follies, I still have the courage to keep doing what I do. I do it for myself, and I do it for my healing. This blog has become another one of the precious ways I have learned to alleviate life.

And with that, here are some pictures from today in which I really feel beautiful. Enjoy, and have a great Easter.

all photos taken by my incredibly talented sister Bella
skirt Zara top American Apparel

Friday, April 22, 2011

some things i'm working on.

a total digression from the usual talk on this here fashion blog, but i wanted to show you all some things I'm working on in my art class. right now, i'm working on quick studies of the figure. each of the following pieces were done somewhere between 5-15 minutes. this type of work is different than what i'm used to (i'm very meticulous and usually spend several + hours on one piece) but i'm finding that working quickly and messily can be just as satisfying as creating a "perfect" picture. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


happy pesach to my fellow jews. i hope your past few days were filled with family, prayer, and lots of chocolate covered matzah. this year, i spent the first night with my dad and his girlfriend's family. it was lovely. she has three kids, all younger than seven yrs, so my sister and i pretty much played with them the entire night. we sat at the "kids table" and weren't allowed candles. it was humorous, if i do say so myself. below is a picture of my sister Bella and Mitch. 
 Mitch just bein' a cutie.

And, due to the unorthodox nature of our seder (example: my dad brought kosher brownies. he just assumed that since they were from a kosher bakery, they'd be kosher for passover. think again, daddio) my sister and I took a blogging break between courses. it just had to happen.

If I learned one thing this passover, it's that nude heels really do elongate the legs. Seriously, if you're short like me, go invest in a pair.

dress by Joie, shoes my maxstudio

Monday, April 11, 2011


so, this may be the grungiest i've ever looked. but i'm over it. it was cool. the shirt is borrowed from my girl @jr0s3n, obviously. and i OBVIOUSLY wore it as a dress. i wear everything as a dress. obviously.

and these are two of my kick ass best friends, sammie and nicole. they're pretty fabulous.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

layered bracelets- i'm into 'em.

 just bein' sillllly!

OH, and did anyone notice I'm wearing two watches? LOLZ!

Monday, April 4, 2011

oh, and I'm Carrie Bradshaw

Aside from my new obsession with obnoxiously vibrant colors and my want to stand out on my birthday, I bought the Zara dress worn in my last post MOSTLY because it channels Carrie's look in the Season 6 episode where Alexander Petrovsky buys her the gorgeous bubble gum pink Oscar dress and when her ballet plans go awry she confidently struts it as she ballroom dances with the Russian in the nearest McDonalds. 

Hi, this is a bit late, but here are some pics from my 18th birthday weekend! I usually don't like being cheesy (perhaps this is because I have few things to be giddily cheesy about), but this really was the most perfect birthday I can remember. I don't recall ever being a big fan of my birthday and my inability to look forward to it makes me dread it. But this birthday really was perfect- it far exceeded any expectations I potentially would have had, had I allowed myself to actually feel anything. I think the pictures really show how happy I felt.

The night reminded me that sometimes all you need is a few good friends.