Thursday, April 21, 2011


happy pesach to my fellow jews. i hope your past few days were filled with family, prayer, and lots of chocolate covered matzah. this year, i spent the first night with my dad and his girlfriend's family. it was lovely. she has three kids, all younger than seven yrs, so my sister and i pretty much played with them the entire night. we sat at the "kids table" and weren't allowed candles. it was humorous, if i do say so myself. below is a picture of my sister Bella and Mitch. 
 Mitch just bein' a cutie.

And, due to the unorthodox nature of our seder (example: my dad brought kosher brownies. he just assumed that since they were from a kosher bakery, they'd be kosher for passover. think again, daddio) my sister and I took a blogging break between courses. it just had to happen.

If I learned one thing this passover, it's that nude heels really do elongate the legs. Seriously, if you're short like me, go invest in a pair.

dress by Joie, shoes my maxstudio

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