Monday, May 31, 2010

Thrifty Nifty United States

The title started out as "Thrifty Nifty" (dunno why), and then I remembered the "fifty nifty united states" song from like, second grade, and had to use that instead.

Anyways, this weekend I went thrifting with my good friend Katrina, and found this beautiful head scarf. It looks like a watercolor painting (watercolor is my favorite medium, so obviously I needed this scarf). I'm in a rush to get to my brother's baseball game, so this post ends....NOW.
Happy day!

This one (above) is kinda creepy, but my sister made me put it in. Kinda embarrassing I take orders from my 14 year old sister.

Top, Velvet; Shorts, Gap; Necklace, vintage; Scarf, vintage; Shoes, UO

Go listen to this. Now.

I am in love with this song. Addicted. My good friend Moriah loves ESATMZ (haha, i crack myself up....Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) and a bunch of my friends and I always make fun of her because she knows all these funky bands that no one else knows about but are secretly amazing. Its awesome. She also as this really nifty (yes, I just said nifty) white zip up from the ESATMZ concert that looks soft as clouds and I want to rub my face in it and it just looks so pleasant and wonderful. Nyeaaaaah.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It has been a loooong day. I loved my bow, though. Its cute and big and navy and polka dots and it was the first time I wore it! Yay!!

Khaki shorts, Gap; Tank, H&M; Headband, UO
So, earlier today I thought I probably had no readers. But now, after receiving a colorful response to my last post, I know now that not only do I have at least one follower, I have a follower who was so provoked by what I was saying that they felt compelled to verbally respond. So, anonymous commenter, thank you for bringing to my attention that I have a reader!!

this is my " I'm so heated I can't think of a title" title.

I'm annoyed. Before I begin my rant, here is some background info : in English, we're reading Tennessee Williams' play, A Streetcar Named Desire. Hopefully you know the basics of this play, because I'm too anxious and excited to begin my rant that I don't have time to summarize for you. And here we go.

In class today, someone actually tried to defend Stanley Kowalski, the antagonist of the play who is simultaneously a rapist, a perpetrator of domestic violence, and the absolute all around scummy alpha male scoundrel of a man (so repetitive and doesn't make sense, but whatever, I'm pissed). If Webster's had a definition for this lowest sort of a sub-human, Stanley would be it. So, the person in class brought up the possibility that perhaps Stanley grew up in an abusive home, or suffered from PTSD from the War. This, quite bluntly, is bullshit. YOU CAN RECOVER FROM THESE TRAUMAS. THERE IS A THING CALLED THERAPY, PEOPLE. I realize that outlets like therapy were not available in the late '40s, but still. You get what I'm saying. It relates to all the nature vs. nurture business; like, does just because I grew up in an abusive family mean that my future family will be abusive? Uh, for all the people living in abusive homes, I freaking hope not. That is a terrible way to think. But this topic is for another day, for another post.

Back to Stanley. You can blame his awful aura on his childhood, or his past experiences, but in truth, nothing makes him act like satan on earth but himself. This is true for everyone. You are your own force.

The viewpoint of Stanley's behavior as tragic was placed on the table as well (due to his alcoholism). Now, I recognize alcoholism is a disease. Alcoholism alone, is a tragedy. I also recognize that the abuse of alcohol leads to a seriously damaged use of judgment, and can thus lead to violent behaviors. Those violences, however, are NOT tragic for the perpetrator!!!! They are tragic for the victim. Let me make myself clear: Alcoholism/PTSD=disease=tragic versus Rape and Other Disgusting Offenses=pure evil= not excusable in any way shape or form and the people who do such things should be imprisoned forever.

I don't believe that my peer meant this in a malicious way at all. In fact, I know she brought up this POV solely for literary purposes (arguing whether Stanley is the pro or antagonist) and is an all around very intelligent person whom I truly enjoy. If she is reading this (which is kind of funny cause there is the possibility that ZERO people are reading this blog,) I hope I didn't offend you. I'm actually VERY thankful you brought up this point because it got me thinking and my mind buzzed and I loooove when this happens because then I get into mini fights within my head and feel all intelligent and all. Wow. What a rant.

Goodness, I feel better.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mustahd and Ketchaaap

I've had this mustard yellow skirt from Madewell for about a year now, and until yesterday, I had yet to perfect the look. This tangy yellow is SUCH a hard one to match with. I think I've worn it once or twice before, both with plain white tank tops. BOOOOORING. I thought that maybe a rich chocolate brown color would match well. Only one problem....

IT WAS A SCORCHA YESTERDAY. So disgustingly hot. There are zero parts of me that enjoy that sort of heat. ZERO. And what do you know, today is the exact same way. Mother Nature is punishing me. Rant rant rant.

Now back to fashion. Due to the blazing sun, I opted for a barely there off white chiffon shirt. I felt like I wasn't wearing anything which was perfect for the unbearable weather. I finished the look off with a brown braided Gap belt (I've been making use of this piece A LOT lately)

This braid do is amazing for hot weather. It was the first time I tried my hair like this, and I loved it. And it was so easy! I made two french braids down both sides of my head, stopped midway, and tied the ponytail.
Ok. I lied. My sister braided it for me. I can't french braid my own hair :( Ta taaaa

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awesome New Store With a Name I Can't Remember

So, this dress is from a new amazing store on Newbury Street with a super complicated name that I can't remember. It may have been one of those mysterious nameless stores. All I remember is that it originates from London, and it's locations reside only in Boston and in New York. Next, to Milan. The clothes were beautiful and authentic. I became enamored with this dress's draping silhouettes; I love how the neckline is similar to that of a scarf. Everything in the store resembles this dress in the sense that all the shapes are completely unique. I felt like I was walking through an art gallery rather than a clothing store. Isn't that the best?

Dress,store (will update once I know the name). Wedges, Sam Edelman

Friday, May 21, 2010

hate mosquitoes.

So, I just got eaten alive while taking these photos. There are 3 new bites on my left leg, 4 on my right leg, 1 on my left toe, and 3 on my left arm. LOVELY. I just looooooove scratching myself to sleep at night. The best way to fall asleep.

Anyways, today I bought this beautiful new headband. One thing you readers should know about me: I am a sucker for headbands. Dresses too, but moreso, headbands. They have the ability to make ANY outfit look finished. I could wear jean shorts, a plain white t, and look very average and simple. However, once I add a headband (such as this fabulous studded one) my outfit instantly revamps itself.

Need a closer look?
And some pictures...

Headband by Francesa; Vest by H&M;
Shorts by Urban Renewal from UO; Sneakers from UO

Thursday, May 20, 2010

oh...the title

So I forgot that I should probably explain the significance of my title. It's quite simple, really.

First, the definition of a nomad:

1. a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply.

2. any wanderer; itinerant

I am not a member of a tribe. Nor do I follow a "traditional route according to the state of pasturage or food supply". But I do wander. My life consists of many journeys. I have forever been wandering. And this little baby blog is now my sanctuary. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the most beautiful aspect of fashion is its nomadic tendency. In order to keep up, one must be willing to take the road less followed. Hope that clears things up. Ciao


May 20, 2010. Wow. I will never forget today. Today is the day that I stood up against my fear of judgment. Today, I am not afraid of what people think of me. I am starting this blog because I think it is awesome. I am starting this blog because I just simply feel like it. Inspired by Stylish in Suburbia's Rhiannon Ecsedy, I have decided to create my own blog-one that reflects my personal fashion sense, along with my everyday rantings, beliefs, and emotions. For months, I have been distracted by blog's such as Rhiannon's, and I hope that mine can have the same effect on others as hers had on me. So, viewers...stay tuned! ;)