Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mustahd and Ketchaaap

I've had this mustard yellow skirt from Madewell for about a year now, and until yesterday, I had yet to perfect the look. This tangy yellow is SUCH a hard one to match with. I think I've worn it once or twice before, both with plain white tank tops. BOOOOORING. I thought that maybe a rich chocolate brown color would match well. Only one problem....

IT WAS A SCORCHA YESTERDAY. So disgustingly hot. There are zero parts of me that enjoy that sort of heat. ZERO. And what do you know, today is the exact same way. Mother Nature is punishing me. Rant rant rant.

Now back to fashion. Due to the blazing sun, I opted for a barely there off white chiffon shirt. I felt like I wasn't wearing anything which was perfect for the unbearable weather. I finished the look off with a brown braided Gap belt (I've been making use of this piece A LOT lately)

This braid do is amazing for hot weather. It was the first time I tried my hair like this, and I loved it. And it was so easy! I made two french braids down both sides of my head, stopped midway, and tied the ponytail.
Ok. I lied. My sister braided it for me. I can't french braid my own hair :( Ta taaaa

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