Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello loves, and welcome to my dorm! The room that I am about to present you with is a mere 11x11 sq. ft. These dimensions, though still provoking a slight shudder, are actually quite manageable. My roommate and I decided to half loft our beds, which gave us extra storage room underneath. The beds are balancing on a set of wooden drawers, which we carefully centered under the bed as to create a sturdy base. With the extra space, I was able to store the jeans and extra sweaters I brought that did not fit in my minuscule closet. 

One of my greatest concerns about college was that I would not be able to make this new place feel like a home. I was pleasantly surprised. Within a week, I have made some great friends that I truly believe will last throughout the years. And as for my dorm room, I tried to make it resemble my bedroom at home as much as possible. I covered the walls in photographs of family and friends, and also added a chandelier decal for a chic touch (purchase the chandelier and other awesome decals at www.dormify.com!) 

Turns out I needed more storage space for the 20+ pairs of shoes I brought, so, in lieu of textbooks and other school supplies, I shelved them on my desk. How thecoveteur.com of me, yes?

While it was surely a challenge picking through my clothes at home deciding what to bring, it's somewhat refreshing only having items in my closet that I KNOW I will wear. I have plenty of cute pieces at home that I know are nice, but for one reason or another, I never put on. With my favorites already picked out for me here, I know I will wear almost everything in my tiny cupboard of a closet. 

The clothes.

A zoomed in version.

chat soon,