Friday, May 21, 2010

hate mosquitoes.

So, I just got eaten alive while taking these photos. There are 3 new bites on my left leg, 4 on my right leg, 1 on my left toe, and 3 on my left arm. LOVELY. I just looooooove scratching myself to sleep at night. The best way to fall asleep.

Anyways, today I bought this beautiful new headband. One thing you readers should know about me: I am a sucker for headbands. Dresses too, but moreso, headbands. They have the ability to make ANY outfit look finished. I could wear jean shorts, a plain white t, and look very average and simple. However, once I add a headband (such as this fabulous studded one) my outfit instantly revamps itself.

Need a closer look?
And some pictures...

Headband by Francesa; Vest by H&M;
Shorts by Urban Renewal from UO; Sneakers from UO

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  1. After looking carefully at the tree and the bench, I know exactly where you are. Call me up next time you're doing a photo shoot like this, I'll help you take pictures and chase away the mosquitoes! You're adorable.