Thursday, May 27, 2010

So, earlier today I thought I probably had no readers. But now, after receiving a colorful response to my last post, I know now that not only do I have at least one follower, I have a follower who was so provoked by what I was saying that they felt compelled to verbally respond. So, anonymous commenter, thank you for bringing to my attention that I have a reader!!


  1. Well I thought you're last post was funny and I respect you for voicing your opinions!! If someone doesn't like what you have to say then they can choose to not read your blog , but I myself am an AVID fan. GO ALEXXXXXX!!!!

  2. Mazel Alex for having the courage to post your thoughts online-you go girl!

  3. Alex! I didn't know you had a blog, but I've read a few of your recent posts and you're wonderful. It's always great to find fellow NHS bloggers, I always feel like such a dork having a blog. :) I look forward to reading more posts -- you definitely have more than one reader!