Wednesday, January 19, 2011

playing with colors

Baby sister wasn't home today to take my photos for me, so these less than lovely shots were taken by both my mother and me. 

The belt was a bit askew in this first photo and my face looks a teensy bit odd and uncomfortable, but I thought I'd share it anyway so you all could see the look in its entirety. All items, sans boots, were purchased at the Gap during the MLK weekend sale. I didn't buy the belt with the dress in mind, or vice versa, but I think they create a pretty interesting color palette. What do you think? 

Did I mention that EVERYTHING I bought was OUTRAGEOUSLY on sale?!!?! Oh, how I love a good bargain. 


  1. i love your shoes, miss! <3
    and thank you so much.

  2. I love the ensemble. The colors are very chic and the outfit is classic and effortlessly elegant :)