Thursday, January 6, 2011

"i think i'm going to stop writing titles" title

Preface to this next post: In this little blog I have so dutifully become attached to, I try not to put down others. Of course, it being a blog of self-expression, it is almost inevitable that one person or another will be offended by my words. The words that I’m about to write are my feelings and my feelings alone, and by no means am I targeting any one person. I’m preceding with this because I’m familiar with the human tendency to read a piece of opinionated writing by a friend/acquaintance and feel that that person is directly criticizing you, regardless of how many times you’ve actually spoken to that person or how realistic your feelings actually are. So basically, what I’m about to preach is not targeted at one person, rather a mass of people who are guilty of this trend. On with it, you say? Alrighty then- ON WITH IT.

I find fake bags to be problematic. Zero times out of ten will wearing a faux Chanel cross-body bag make you look cool or fancy or rich or whatever label you’re trying to emulate. You will just look silly. My logic is this: I too, want a Chanel bag. I dream about Chanel bags. I have learned to resist the temptations of Canal Street though and have learned to separate dream from reality. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford the quilted beauty, but certainly not right now as a seventeen-year-old working as a hostess three times a week.

I also don’t get the fake phenomenon considering there are so many less expensive and cute alternatives to the thousand dollar purses we all gawk over. For example, Urban Outfitters makes the best bags (more than half of mine are from there) and most are under $100. If you’re looking for a designer label, try Marc by Marc Jacobs or Rebecca Minkoff- both designers make expensive looks for under $250.

I guess what I’m saying is that I consider these astronomically pricey pieces such as the Chanel quilted body bag to be a piece of art, and I feel that wearing a fake version is doing a disservice to that piece of art itself. 


  1. SO TRUE! You've really got a knack for writing; I really enjoy your blog posts. I only wish you'd do outfit posts more frequently. But anyways, I'm sure you'll get that Chanel someday! Take care. (:

  2. thanks!! I really appreciate your input and will def do more outfit posts.

  3. I would say that $250 or $100 for a bag is really goddamn expensive too......