Sunday, January 2, 2011

mirror faces

Hi all! It's my brother's birthday today and we're about to have tons and tons of people over, all of whom are +10 yrs which is interesting because it's he's a 10 yr old boy and this is supposed to be his party, but my mother is crazy and thus invited our closest family friends over rather than jacks closest 10 year old friends. Mother has GOT to get her priorities straight. It all worked out just fine though, because there happen to be lots of 18 year old boys amongst these family friends and jack loves hanging out with the "big kids." So, needless to say, he's excited.

It's pretty casual. I'm wearing black skinnies, a black sweater, and my new leopard circle scarf. Rawr.

Funny extra. If you've ever gotten ready with me for anything you'll recognize these faces face. And if you haven't, I subconsciously make a similar obnoxious face EVERY SINGLE TIME I look in the mirror. Don't ask me why. I do not know. I'm fully aware that my face looks constipated and awkward. Enjoy. And don't judge. We ALL have strange mirror faces/poses. 

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