Saturday, January 1, 2011

canker business

WARNING: if you are easily bothered by descriptions of oral pain problems such as canker sores, don't continue reading.

I'm sitting on the Bolt Bus (QUITE the steal if I do say so myself. it was $30 roundtrip from Boston to NYC. get on it) and for the past hour or so have been trying to nap but can't due to the agonizing pain beneath my right nostril on the tissue of my inner cheek (???) I also just spent five minutes arguing with Jeffrey trying to figure out how to label that part of my mouth, the part where canker sores form. He said it was my gums, but I say inner cheek. Inner cheek inner cheek inner cheek. And the door to the bathroom just swung open on someone mid-squat- thats embarrassing. Now back to canker business-- this shit is REALLY painful. As I was here wallowing in agony, I remembered a story of a best friend of mine- lets call her She Who Must Not Be Named- who had a problem with canker sores a few summers back. Problem being, she had thirteen of them. THIRTEEN!!! To this day, she still does not share water bottles. Ah, She Who Must Not Be Named, you're silly. 'CUSE '15!!!!!!!!!

that's all. peeeace.

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