Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas eve shenanigans

I bought this little blue slip thing two summers ago at one of the EPIC LF sales, and wasn't able to figure out a way to wear it until two nights ago, on Christmas. It's completely see through, so I wore one of the american apparel skin tight dresses with the low back that have become so obnoxiously over-worn under it. It worked perfectly because it was a bit longer than the dress, which was arguably too short to begin with. if you know me, though, you'll know short dresses are my friends know that I have a tendency for turning all tunic-y shirts into mini dresses. whaaeva. I really wanted to wear something metallic for the holidays, as I wrote about here, and this ensemble was perfect for the occasion. I was especially digging the bluish gray luster, not to mention the victorian era aesthetic of the ruffles. i'm already thinking about how I'll be able to wear this piece again. any suggestions?

my sister and me. i wuv her! 

the color on my nails is OPI's Swiss Collection-Cuckoo for this Color. It's a metallic forest green. nomnomnom i love metallics!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and is enjoying their break! more soon ;)

dress LF
under dress American Apparel
belt Anthropologie
boots Tory Burch

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