Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Attire: What I'm Wearing

At last, the holidays have arrived. Good cheer and high spirits linger in the air; what a better a time than this to dress your best? Here are the things I'll be wearing come end of December...

Christmas Eve
            Adorn yourself in plush fabrics, such as velvet or silk. This is the time to be lavish, isn’t it? I always lean towards the velvet. The way the fabric illuminates itself is so luscious and has such an expensive feel, even if what you’re wearing is a brown velvet loose t that really was just 19.99 from F21 (cough cough, my latest buy.) I often choose velvet over silk because the velvet leaves more room for the body to just be. In other words, the silk fabric can cling very close to the skin leaving not much to one’s imagination. This effect can make one feel self-conscious. Having experienced this feeling myself, I’ve realized I can opt for a silk top in a larger size rather than a silk, body-skimming dress. If you’re not self-conscious, though, and are ready to flaunt your beautiful body, then by all means- wear the dress!

Christmas Day
            Every year, I spend Christmas day with my large Italian family. And boy, do we eat.We eat a lot. Picture the last supper. Oh, just the thought of my great-grandfather’s hot stuffed peppers makes my taste buds tingle. I dress for this meal how I dress for Thanksgiving- roomy. Cozy, stretchy leggings and an oversized cashmere sweater do the trick. A loose dress- perhaps an A line- works, as well. I may do the dress, actually; I could use the extra room for immediate stomach growth. Hellooooooo, food baby!

New Years Eve
            My absolute FAVORITE night of the year. Why, you ask? Well, remember that fleeting love affair you had at Bloomies last month with that gorgeous but hopelessly unrealistic sequined mini? This is your night to put that buy to good use. You rock those sequins. Go big or go home. Carpe diem. You get the gist. I’ll be wearing my new silver and gray metallic mini-dress with the full skirt and open back. Oh, and black pumps. My favorites are anything sheer,sequin,or metallic (ugh, I wish that began with an "s"...I'm all about alliteration.)


  1. metallic = shiny, shiny starts with an s

  2. Your NYE dress sounds to die for. Pictures!

  3. could have gone with shiny instead of metallic ;) <3

  4. i loved your outfit today. I sound creepy cause you probably didn't see me but i saw you and i thought this was an appropriate forum to express my love for your outfit and im loving your holiday attire plans. k great love ya