Sunday, March 20, 2011

crushing on you

Today, while spending the afternoon in Boston with my grandma, I was thinking about the power of a good ol’ crush. Think of that feeling, when you first “like” someone, when absolutely everything that s/he does glues the biggest giddy grin smack onto the bottom half of your face. Such crushes can make you feel high for days, making even the lowest of grades seem irrelevant. However, while those heart-consuming crushes are fun, they can be fleeting. In life (and in relationships, for that matter) we too often are confronted with disappointment- things don’t work out, people change, they’re not who you thought they were, yada, yada, yada. Though all of my crushes-gone-wrong situations have ultimately taught me great life lessons that mothers constantly seem to be preaching about to their youngins, I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t do without some of them. I also seem to make the same mistakes that I made in the crushes-gone-wrong situations over and over again. I’ve realized why. CRUSHING IS AN ADDICTION. It really is. And today, while browsing through the racks at Barneys, I thought of a way to replicate that crushing feeling with something that you can’t hurt and that can’t hurt you back.

I’ve realized that when I see a dress or pair of heels that I really love, my stomach flops the same way it does when I have a crush on a boy for the first time. My cheeks get warm, I can’t stop smiling, and I often act impulsively. However, you never regret a decision made while shopping because there is such thing as RETURNS. If you buy something one day and decide the next that the purchase wasn’t right for you, you can return it, essentially erasing it from your shopping history. Such is not the same for relationships. If only you could return an ex-boyfriend. Now, THAT would be innovative. Also, a great fashion find will ALWAYS make you feel good about yourself. Trying on a slimming dress that hugs you in all the right places is truly just as good as receiving a compliment from a person you’re crushing on (sometimes, it can even be better!)

Crushing on fashion items is the new crushing on people. Try it. I dare you. I had some serious eye-flirting going on earlier with an orange Celine tote- god it was riveting. So, next time you’re craving some good one-on-one crushing action, head over to your closest department store- it should do the trick. Happy flirting!


  1. I'd like to offer the opposite view: If you've been fashion crushing for too long, it feels so good to get your head out of Neiman's and find a real, live, breathing boy to crush on. (Preferably one who doesn't know the difference between Louboutin and Levi's!)

  2. This is cute. I relate. :)