Sunday, June 20, 2010

"twenty shekel, twenty shekel. you know what? you have such beautiful eyes I weel give this to you for 10 shekel"

Ah, the creepy marketplace working men of Israel. Gosh darn, do I miss them. Last summer in Israel, while paroozing through the thriftyness of the marketplaces, these men CONSTANTLY gave my friends and I absurd discounts (I don't take too much pride in this, though...I'm sure the men lured all the young girls into buying their crappy quality jewels and clothes regardless of their eye's actual beauty or what not). Pretty much, we all learned how to bat our eyes with precision that helped us finagle our way to cheaper prices. I'm kind of a world class haggler; kind of a big deal. Anyways...this dress was bought in a marketplace in Haifa, I believe? I may be wrong. There were so many. But whatever. Go to Israel. Just go.

I love the angle of this, yes?

vintage dress from Israel, Deena & Ozzy boots, American Apparel socks, vintage cuffs


  1. ONEEEEE SHECKEELL love israel. love flames

  2. I hope you bought this in Haifa! This is so inspirational and you are so lucky to be able to feel so passionately about something that you can put it out in the world. You're wonderful :)

  3. Those are cute shoes!
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3