Saturday, June 19, 2010

Such Great Heights

Last night, I was at Skipjack's with a loved one. I was feeling pretty good as I donned my new silky mauve colored skirt from Urban with a loose grey t and my Sam Edelman wedges (sorry, no pics...). I thought my friend and I looked pretty damn good together, like we both knew a thing or two about how to dress ourselves. But then...[insert drumroll] I had an awful realization. We were both slouching. Like, complete hunchback style. Our backs were forming identical semi-circles. It was HEINOUS (but for some reason soooo much more comfortable than sitting up straight, no? Also, does anyone else know what I mean when I say that once I attempted to correct my posture I immediately felt VERY, and I mean VERY, awkward).

Anyways, we agreed that the two of us were going to work on our posture. My awesome outfit went to waste because I looked like a lazy bum while eating my meal. It got me thinking about fashion, obviously. I always thought that fashion was a sole contributer to one's style. I was wrong. The manner in which one portrays his/herself truly can be an eloquent reflection of their taste, as well as their character.

And this ranty-rant connect to the photos. Per usual, it doesn't. So I'm going to devise some incoherent connection....hmmm.....well, I was wearing some pretty gosh darn high clogs (clogs=so fabulous, by the way), and doesn't height help you hold a nice posture? Ya? I thought so too. Just go with it, people.

CLOGS. The iconic wooden shoe is back. And is so super awesome and earthy crunchy in some weird way.

Whyyyyy so seeeeeerious?

Dress: Urban
Scarf: Gap
Clogs: Tory Burch
Cuffs: vintage stolen from my mom


  1. I honestly didn't like clogs until I saw this post... now I'm kind of obsessed with your shoes! Great outfit.

  2. Oh wow! I wasn't sure about clogs as a trend to be honest but I totally love these! They're pretty individual compared to the ones I've seen everyone wearing.

    Gorgeous x

  3. love the clogs! come follow me xoxo