Sunday, June 6, 2010

and the winner is..

Bad news. I am still camera-less. I realize, though, that I cannot keep my viewers waiting ('s more than I can't wait any longer myself). I gotta make the best of what I got though, so I had a quick photo shoot using my best friend's camera. Obviously, in token for using her camera, she got to model. The model: Kelsey. In the past, our styles have differed, but today, I literally would have taken the clothes and accessories and everything right off of her body and worn them myself. I don't say that quite often, so Kewshy, you should be honored :) ha ha.

We didn't have much time to take pics so they're not quite of the same caliber that I usually prefe, but they get the point across. Her dress was a luxurious creamy color, embroidered with paisley details that I wish you could actually see from the photography. A perfect dress for a summer day. I want it. Look at the little beauty:

Haha, she'll hate me for posting this picture. But I love it. And it's my blog, my rules.
JUST LOOK AT THIS NECKLACE. I know that statement necklaces are very in and all, but sometimes I feel that they are too overpowering. This one, however, was just perfect. Her dress was simple, so the funky necklace did not seem like too much. Also, I love the pop of color (especially because it's turquoise). I am inspired to wear more turquoise.
THE HEADBAND. AHHH. If you read my blog, I have an addiction to headbands (which lately has brought me and my bank account down to $6.30 =/..uh oh). Anyways, this headband was just stunning and was the perfect finish to the outfit.
That's all for now folks.

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