Saturday, December 4, 2010

How To: Cozy Chic

We're all familiar with the following routine, are we not? Sleepy eyes crack open, "snooze" is pressed one too many times, functional thoughts of putting on an ensemble that remotely resembles real world clothing enters our minds, we feel like vomiting out of repugnance. For me, this happens every morning that I haven't received at least ten hours of sleep the night prior. Which is every night. Side note: I ALWAYS have trouble getting dressed in the morning, but come noon, regardless of how tired I am, I'm ready to throw on my most uncomfortable of outfits and be happy. Weird, no? There's something about a dress and tights that is so unappealing after wading through the R.E.M cycle in jersey knit pajammers. Anyways, for quite some time I have been searching for a remedy to this problem (problem being: lack of motivation to put on clothes that are cute yet not as comfortable as pjs.) Finally, it seems I have found it. The solution? Oversized sweaters. And I mean OVERSIZED. Pair 'em with silky leggings or sheer tights and you're set. When buying your sweaters, comfort is key. While that plush wool sweater may look cute on the rack, before buying you MUST first consider the likeliness of you putting itchy fabric on your skin first thing in the morning. Not sure whether to wear tights or leggings? For me, if the sweater falls below my butt, it's tights. If not, leggings. Easy as pie. If you're looking to add extra layers and comfort, throw on a chunky scarf. Currently, I'm coveting circle scarfs in rich colors, like chocolate brown or mahogany. This look especially is great for it is not confined to a specific hairdo (you know, there are some looks that if your hair isn't stick straight, it just won't look good, right? Or am I crazy?) I'll usually throw my hair in a loose side braid or low pony with a thick headband. Note: headbands do not need to be fancy for this look. I love the packs sold at CVS, such great color combos.




    I'm struggling on my long underwear style, any ideas?

    Also, I was wondering if there are any footy pajamas that are hip and in style this winter??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. tried this look today. made the monday morning sleepies much much easier :)

  4. I always feel so sloppy in big sweaters! :( I still need a remedy.

    Confession: Sometimes when I can't think of something good to wear when my eyes first open in the morning, I close them again and convince my parents to let me skip school.