Monday, November 29, 2010

all you are is....MEAN

OK, so i'm about to talk about something super serious, and i'm sort of shocked i haven't written about it yet. here it is: dum dum dum dum (or is it dun dun dun??)...TAYLOR SWIFT'S NEW ALBUM. Seriously, it's so good.  For the past month or so, my mornings have begun with a cup of joe, chobani yogurt, and Speak Now. It's a bit ironic, actually, considering I used to loathe the singer. Hmm, I should have prefaced with this next fact, but oh well. You know how we all have flaws? Well, one of mine is that I tend to be hypocritical sometimes. Fine. A lot of the time. Like, I used to publicly denounce Swift and hold a minor grudge against anyone who did like the bombshell, and now I'm here singing her praises. Whatever, I'm the first to admit to this vice of mine. Anywaaaays, if I have ever made fun of you because of your love for Taylor, I apologize (Rebecca Miller, we're going to her next concert together aw yeee). CLARIFICATION: when I'd poke fun at people it was always in good humor, never maliciously. Don't want you all thinking I'm rude or anything. 

Now to the bloggy stuff. I was looking to wear something eclectic today; something different from my usual classic, minimalist style. I don't feel much like writing about it. I chose the rough leather leggings and tie up boots to play against the feminine blouse and deep purple sweater. Also, the bow is cute. In essence, I dig the mix between rocker girl and momma's little girl. Thassss it. 


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  1. I love the tie up boots...that style of boots is becoming more popular. I used to think they were ugly, but if you play them up with feminine accents in the outfit, they look perfect.

    xoxo Ariel