Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm loving...

In a fashion rut? Feeling like Carrie Bradshaw and want to be outrageous? Here are a few trends that I'm loving and am ready to flaunt as soon as possible (if I haven't begun to already...)

Faux Fur
When obsessing over a trend, I first think about how much I'm willing to splurge. In fur's case, don't spend too much (exception: if you are a die hard fur fan and want to eat-sleep-breathe fur for the rest of your existence, then ignore me.) I forget which mag I read this tip in, but it really has stuck with me and I'll share it with you readers now--if you're unsure of a trend, or if it seems like something you may only wear once or twice, go with the H&M or Forever version. It's not worth splurging on something you may decide a month later you don't like. I bought Forever's version of the faux fur cropped vest yesterday.

Over the Knee Socks and Colored Tights
Over the knee socks are perfect for fall. If you're a fellow Blair Waldorf obsessor, you'll feel just like the queen herself rocking this preppy style. If you're not digging the prep look, you can de-prep your outfit easily by donning a tough leather jack, or a messy hairdo. Colored tights, too, are amazing. I just bought a perfect mahogany pair. They're the perfect pop of color to an all black ensemble. The Nov issue of People Style Watch had a great mini article on these babies. Check it ouuut.

This is funny, but when I was younger, I HATED the touch of velvet. It was the equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. I'm still not a huge fan of the material, but I'm nowhere near as phobic now. While I don't love the feel of it, I love the luxe look that velvet creates. I always feel so luxurious and sexy after dressing in a velvet top, or dress. I feel like the material enhances skin tone, and dews the complexion. Weird description, but whatever.

I was gonna post more, but I need to go work on English paper! Au revoir! More later. xxx

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  1. Yes to fur, yes to colored tights, yes to knee socks, yes to velvet! I'm adding riding boots to this list.