Thursday, September 2, 2010


Do you know that feeling, once the shades of summer have begun to close (or not so much, considering it was 97 degrees today), and you start daydreaming about the upcoming days when donning a lightweight jacket won’t make you sweat? The dreamer in me has been off in a far away land where only fall exists, and I am uber happy now that this sticky season is almost over. (oh god, did I just say, “uber”?) Perhaps this feeling is the same as every season comes to a close, but bear with me. I have been delving into the September magazines, becoming mesmerized by the glossy photos of fall's newest trends. Rest assured, within a week, I had re-read each magazine multiple times. So, when Bergdorf Goodman’s Fall Collection Magazine came in the mail, I prepared to be blown away; and oh was I. The Magazine was a breath of fresh air.

First and foremost: the eveningwear. The dresses that brandished the pages were truly breathtaking. If only I had the cash to support my taste. Some of my favorites? There was a beautiful black chiffon Oscar de la Renta, adorned with embroidery that covered the entire color palette. I’d be sure to feel like Carrie Bradshaw clad in this splendor. The black tulle dress made by Marchesa, also caught my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever told my Marchesa dress story. Hmm, for another time.

In the “Vanguard” editorial, the model’s look was oh so glamorous. Her hair was slicked back into a perfect bun, and her face was done with barely any makeup other than the occasional dark lip. And man, was the lip dark. She donned a dark purple (very Lincoln Park After Dark-esque), and a beautiful mahogany. This is the kind of lip color I wish I could pull off, but am too scared to try. Aside from her makeup, the model arrayed simple looks in each shot. She mostly wore dark ensembles; I saw lots of charcoal gray and navy. She showcased a great black merino wool sweater with matte sequins by Tory Burch, paired with tailored dress pants to dress down the flashy look. Overall, an A+.

My favorite section of the Fall Mag was Beau Greely’s photos featured in, “Easy Does It”. Each shot was utter perfection. The feature showcased many outfits incorporating the camel tone trend; my favorite aspect was that the looks seemed appropriate not just for the runways, but for us, too. My favorite was a buttery looking Stella McCartney cashmere sweater dress paired with a twill jacket. The coat falls just below the dress, and when worn open, reveals the perfect amount of leg.

Let’s just say BG’s Fall Collection was a smashing hit.


  1. wow that sounds just beautiful!!


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