Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peter Som Spring 2011

Never has a "break" from work been so delightful, and so serving of its purpose. After hours spent on SAT prep and English homework, I splurged myself with a mug of hazelnut coffee and a what was supposed to be brief "getaway" to my favorite site, It was there, on the home page, that I found my match (Peter Som and I really need to get together; or rather, his collection and I)

This eclectic collection is sheer perfection (really? did I just rhyme? so corny.)  I have never been so enamored with a runway look. Outfits on the runways, after all, are works of art and therefore can be difficult to relate with; on the other hand, these pieces are so street-style with a mix of luxe that I can vividly see myself hand picking new pieces directly from the catwalk to add to my closet....hmmmm.... [insert girl drooling, here]. 

Out of 32, I narrowed it down to my 12 favorite looks (as not to bore you; but then again, if you're bored, you probably won't be reading this blog...)

Anyhooo, if you do in fact decide that you like these looks, do yourself a favor and view the rest of Som's genius collection, here. It truly is magnificent. 

Yesterday, Hannah (of Mademoiselle Hannah) and I were discussing the tenuous line between edgy and inappropriate. Walking through Boston, we giggled at some of the absurd outfits that were confidently strutting themselves through the city. There is nothing wrong with being edgy, in fact, I LOVE edginess - just not when I'm getting edgy with a side of boob. Now for the segue; as I said, I am a huge supporter of being appropriately daring, which is why I adore this Spring line. Each look flirts with edginess, creating the perfect balance between lust and elegance. These pieces are designed for the confident fashionista who seeks innovation without being too blunt. 

A friend, Monica, tweeted the other day that Som's new collection is reminiscent of Barbie; looks like I'll be dipping back into my younger days for the next season...or two.


  1. You're so right. The last look (aqua shorts, floral top) shows a ton of skin, but it's infinitely more appropriate than the shredded, side-boob-exposed overalls we saw yesterday!

  2. Looove all of these outfits